November 8, 2012

Be about the Government

President Barack Obama has won the election. I should be elated, I truly believe electing Mitt Romney would have been like crapping in our own dinner plates. It would have proved our democracy is for sale. It would have ushered in a country led by money not morals, it would have meant many more years of war both with other countries and with ourselves. So, I am a bit (elated that is). Still I am more worried. Worried and cautious, worried and cautious and nervous about the state of our nation.

Why you ask ?

51% of the vote is not exactly a landslide you know. It doesn’t exactly speak to our nations constituents having confidence and support in our President. In fact it alludes more to division. As I tour the social media landscape it is quite obvious the view from every bodies window is not exactly roses and sunshine. Republicans on Facebook are angry. Twitter is exploding with disdain for the country’s decision, comments are ranging from Communism and assassinations to something involving K-Y, the constitution, and our Assholes.

Truth be told there is no Fuking way we are a nation united right now.

Our elected officials are at least saying the right things.

The POTUS started with somewhat of an olive branch last night with his acceptance speech. He spoke about how this win was for the people by the people and of the people. He touched on how it was going to be necessary for everybody to get involved It went like this :

But that doesn’t mean your work is done. The role of citizens in our Democracy does not end with your vote. America’s never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us together through the hard and frustrating, but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on.

Translation : ” I can’t do this alone the people have to stay involved. This isn’t going to be easy Yadah, yadah, yadah, blah blah……”

Speaker of the house John Bohner said this:

if we’re all striving for a solution, I’m confident we can get there. Mr. President, this is your moment. We’re ready to be led, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans. We want you to lead — not as a liberal or a conservative, but as the president of the United States of America. We want you to succeed. Let’s challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us.”

“Alright we want to keep our house majority in two years so lets pull together and get something done before I start crying again. 
                                          If the people want you for four more years we might as well work together.”
I’m excited about both of those comments, at least they are saying the right stuff. It still remains to be proven whether or not they mean it.  Its going to take compromise to get this done.  As well it should. That is how our government is built. Our government shouldn’t be brought to a standstill because of a difference of opinion.  In fact I will go a step further.  We need to have a difference of opinion.
 There is no perfect party, there is no perfect person, there is no perfect view.(except mine of course)  We are all idiots, and the sooner we recognize that the sooner we can get our shit together.  You see what was lost in the last four years was the debate, the discussion, the deliberation.   We have all suffered because of it.  The key to our country does not lie in one party winning and the other losing .  The key to our countries success lies in the yin and the yang, the push and the pull, the give and the take, the pitch and the catch. (well maybe not that last one but you know what I mean)  When one party gets  100% of its way the people lose 100% of the time.
I am worried about the people. Our attitudes, how we approach this situation. The hate in this country right now is toxic. Both the republicans and the democrats believe the other side of the aisle is filled with the enemy. In reality we all want the same thing. We all want freedom morals and money. Instead the republicans are calling the liberals lazy and Democrats are calling the conservatives greedy. I’d guess the average American is probably closer together on politics than the last election would show.
How do we know the next four years aren’t going to be more of the same. You know  Americans have short attention spans and shit. “Ohh I’m all excited lets vote” and then a week from now…..”Ohh who did we vote for again ? Ohh that guy well he isn’t black enough to care about the black people” or “he isn’t white enough to care about the white people” and of course “he isn’t Latino enough to care about Marco Rubio“.
As a bunch of ,I know everything  Americans, it has become way to easy to point the finger. It’s always because of him or her or them. Well guess what America it’s about damn time we cut that shit out.  If we all reach out and meet in the middle we can be the new America. The prosperous hard-working America that takes care of its sick and old and yes, its poor. There is only one way. Everybody must do something. We must get involved, stay involved be involved and involve everybody we can.
Your vote means nothing if you won’t pay close enough attention and throw your support behind what you believe. Your vote doesn’t count if you don’t follow it up now with effort.Write a letter to a congressman, positive or negative. follow your local legislature and pay attention to the house and the senate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.
This isn’t a Fuking competition. This isn’t one side wins and the other side looses. We are all the same damn team.   Either we all win or we all lose. What ever happens we do it together,America the great Period.
We are all our own enemies or our own allies and we are all responsible for what we say and what we do. This isn’t a game we suffer together or we prosper together.  Bottom line if America sucks it’s not the Presidents fault it’s not the fault of the house or the senate it’s because we the people suck.  America Lets not Fuking suck.
November 6, 2012

You Can’t handle The truth Bitches

When did this country become a place where honesty could cost you the Presidency and Lying could win it for you ? How is it that our political system has become one in which the competition isn’t between who is most morally sound and scrupulously targeted, but rather who is most creatively deceitful, and inventively fraudulent.  What is it about our current culture in America that prevents us from being able to recognize what is quite simply right and wrong.

Every Fukin minute for the next 10 some odd hours we will be hearing the political battle between Republicans and Democrats.  Every member of  the media will carefully craft their questions and answers to portray a certain ” favorable” image.  Every character who has any sort of influence on the presidential race will scurry to script the language that will persuade people to perceive their attitude as authentic .

Imagine a political world filled with truth, a world where people believed the road to prosperity is paved by integrity rather than treachery .  In light of our current polluted political environment an interesting thought dawned on me.  Guess What…….

 ” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH !!!!!! ”                      

( I always wanted to say that )
No but seriously….. It would seem that is what our politicians believe. Truth be told the problem is not  only them but us, the people of the united states.  It seems, some how, we have convinced our representatives that not only do we not deserve the truth but we also cannot handle it.  Not only do we not demand the truth, but we also reward the bullshit.  Watch the news lately ?  There is a gallop poll done after every bullshit statement.  Interesting enough they aren’t testing to see if the statements are true.  They are only testing to see if they can get away with lying. Guess what, the bullshit works !    Both sides of our political party bullshit us every day.  Some more than others.    For example :

Do you want the truth ?   Than educate yourself.  It’s out there.  Sometimes it’s right in your face.  The fact that we have a political system where a candidate can recreate himself multiple times in one week, as if he is P-diddy or, diddy combs, or puff daddy or whatever other  ridiculousness he calls himself.

Today you vote America.  Today you make a choice. Today is your chance to make things right. Today is your chance to prove you are not stupid, that you cannot be bought, and you deserve the truth and not an inkling less.

Some people will tell you that this vote is a vote between two America’s.  They will tell you today is a vote between an America that promotes freedom and personal growth or an America that wants to create co-dependency.   I disagree…. While we are choosing between two Americas I think we are voting for what kind of people we will be.  Will our country strive for morality through  truth respect and freedom  or will we be an America that is morally bankrupt and filled with  slaves to our income and bank statements.

This is my comparison (simplified of course)

Do we want an America that is focused on money or morals ?   Do we want an America who just cares about gas prices or how we tax the life of our planet ?   Should our focus on healthcare be on its cost or how many lives we save ?  This is the stark difference between these two candidate s

We have one candidate who has multiple holes in his moral fiber if this scumbag were to build a shield with his honesty he would be holding Swiss Cheese.  Mitt claims he loves this country. I say FUK  Mitt.  I can smell his bullshit a mile away.  A Hustler can smell a hustle.  His crooked smile and holier than thou attitude are not what this country needs.   He is not what this country is about. Captain Mitt shit is about one thing Money, he is like George burns , Mr Slate and the Million Dollar man Ted DeBiase all rolled in one.    ( see below)

Ask yourself this, how does a man who claims he wants to be President for love of  his country use a church exemption to avoid paying any taxes for 10+ years.  All while  burying his money in foreign countries.  Seriously how does that represent love of country ? The Republicans will say ” what he did was legal”,   but I ask you… Is it morally sound ? Does it not just demonstrate where his values are ?   I mean corporations are people ?  Who the FUK  says that ? Who the FUK votes for a man like that ?  Willard might be financially gifted but the man is morally bankrupt.

On the other hand we have The President.   I’m not oblivious to his imperfections.  He signed the NDAA, he won’t fight the NRA but in all honesty his biggest flaw was thinking he could accomplish more than he could.  He underestimated the tragedy of the  America he was about to receive  He actually expected the Republican party and Democratic party to be able to work together.  He was fooled, but our President is no fool.  He has learned to navigate The Hill like a Navajo navigates the backwoods.  He will do what he needs to do to get his legislation passed, he will fight for those that have no voice.  Those who need opportunity but have nobody to fight for them.  He will make America strong by fighting for the people who have the least and need the most.

I ask you this…. If  a country, like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link  is it wise to use  your vote today  to strengthen the chain or strengthen a single link.   Does the weight of your wallet way more on your decision than the weight of your soul ?     Do you want to reward the lies or continue to build on the truth.  Your vote today will decide What America we are ask yourself… CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH !

July 6, 2012


June 30, 2012

Its Constitutional Bitches

Did Obama just win the Fukin  Superbowl ? Obama just won the political mutherfukin superbowl. Yesterday’s Supreme Court vote means that he single handedly  whooped the ass of every so called constitutional expert the Republicans had to offer.  Okay okay maybe that isn’t exactly what happened but it is exactly what I and millions of Americans feel like as we bask in the glory of the healthcare overhaul Supreme Court decision.

We all know Barack The Rock Obama  is supposed to be a constitutional expert, yet we watched as most of the country turned tail and ran from his legislation.  Most of the affordable care act fans (myself included)  had already perfected  a rebuttal  for the moment the purchased Supreme Court justices ruled against him.  Instead  It was upheld ! Damn this man is smart !

Do you know what that means ?  That means a Black man reformed healthcare.  A Black man reformed healthcare ? Yes I know…. (He is half white,   but the cracker jacks sure as hell aren’t  claiming him as one of them so., until they realize the truth)   A Black man reformed Healthcare !

One  would think, one would hope, one would pray that this minority american who managed to pass the largest piece of country changing legislation, possibly in the history of the United States, would have the ear of every single American on the planet.   Yeah right……but don’t worry about it.  I’ll fill you in real quick.

First let me just say this plan is not perfect.  Barack isn’t, perfect your not perfect, I’m not perfect. The plans got some deficiencies, problems, and a shit load of $taxes$ . Changes will need to be made along the way. So, let’s just for a second look at some of the changes we get to benefit from now.Stay healthy while you look for a job to pay that massive student loan debt, maybe even intern a bit, learn your trait better, whatever you choose, just know your health won’t be the issue(or excuse) for settling.

  • No more “pre-existing conditions” for kids under the age of 19: No punishment for being born with an illness or issue . (damn isn’t that just humane)
Here are  a few of my favorite changes not so many Americans are aware of
  • It increases the rebates on drugs people get through Medicare : Again  the drugs will cost less 
  • It establishes a non-profit group to study different kinds of treatments to see what works better and is the best use of money: No more useless, costly, expensive tests
  • A credit program is made:  Will make it easier for business to invest in new ways to treat illness. ( levels the playing field for competition)
  • Fast food disclosures :  No more secret ingredients, now we can actually choose to eat healthy if we want to.  I don’t know about you but if its got pink slime or green slime or blue or purple slime in it…I want to motherfukin know 
  • It creates a new 10% tax on indoor tanning booths: You can still cook your skin, you just need to pay for the health risks yourself  (hehehe) okay okay maybe this sets a bit of a socialistic presidence, but cmon isn’t that stuff cancerous or something ? Besides you can’t hate on the Presidents tan and then try to be like him.
  • No more lifetime visitation limits:  Visit the hospital early and often, find out whats killing you before it actually… know…..kills you, and in the process set the emergency room free.

Now for those of you who are worried about us turning all these buyers over to the crooked healthcare companies There are a few  orders in line for them as well. 

  • No More jacking up prices just because they feel like it
  • No more kicking paying customers to the curb if they get sick
  •  They must install new ways to stop fraud
  •  They have to extend medicare to smaller hospitals.
  •   Medicare patients with chronic illnesses  will be better monitored .
  •   Costs for  companies that handle benefits for the elderly will be reduced.
and my favorite
  •   customers have to be notified what their money is being spent on:   (No more general “administrative fee”) they have to be more specific and they have to put 80% of what we spend into actual healthcare (right now most of what we pay doesn’t actually go to treating us, this will fix that)

And As of august 

  • Health plans will include preventative care:  We can be proactive not reactive
Now look its way more complicated than how I layed it out and I left a bunch of the future growth info out. I simplified it so the haters can see it’s really not that difficult a pill  to swallow. Now I know the selfish will hate the parts  involving  covering the poor whether they have children or not, redefining the word poor, and making sure doctors get paid according to quality of care, not volume but what can I say, somethings are just right or in The Presidents words
“I didn’t do this for politics I did this because it’s the right thing to do “.
 The idea here is that competition breeds excellency.  If we create more buyers we should  have more options, more options  should mean more doctors and should mean more healthcare providers. In turn that  should mean more employed Americans. It should force insurance companies to become more competitive which should drive down costs. ( kinda sounds just like the principal of Capitalism that Republicans just looooove )  This legislation will still need work, it will still need time and attention and many, many changes.  At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, is this better than what we had before President Obama stepped up ?  I say  Hell Muther Fukin Yeah, leaps and bounds better.
  Truth is I’m all for pharmaceutical companies profiting, I say the more successful Americans the better but they can survive as billionaires instead of trillionaires if it means more people get to LIVE !
Need more info check check check it out  : ).
June 9, 2012

Mitts Mutherfuken Messed Up Madness !

Unless you live under a boulder you are aware by now that Mr muddled madness himself Mitt  Romney , is now the official GOP candidate for presidency. All his horses are now happily(or not so happily) circling the Willard Wagon if you will.  He seems to be energizing his base. That being said I figured it’s about time to discuss this morons,  mans beliefs.

His platform seems relatively simple

  • Less taxes for the rich.
  • Smaller government
  • Eat the poor !

( more or less )

He has a unique past that would seem to be quite fitting of a man who intends to run the most powerful country in the world.

  • Bain capital CEO
  • Olympics Organizer
  • Governor of Massachusetts

He obviously understands the wealth building factors of the private sector quite well. After all he has made millions for himself and others by applying the silver spooned principals he was born with, which are, in order for the people on top to thrive disproportional, sometimes they have to be willing to purge those who have bore the labor necessary for growth.   ( again I say ” eat the poor” ).

If you listen to the Republican media you might actually think Mitt is a half way decent candidate. except I’m not stupid. At least I think I’m not stupid. (Well my mom says I’m not stupid.)   The Question is.  Is the American Public stupid ? If you answered no well I should tell yuh , ole mitty boy disagrees.  For Example

His Mentor and boss for many years Marc B. Wolpow, ( former managing partner at Bain Capital),  says

I never thought of what I do for a living as job creation. … The primary goal of private equity is to create wealth for your investors.

Yet Mitty touts his time at Bain as his number one  job creation credential ( I  already smell bullshit but let us sniff around a bit more)

He was elected to a governing position, in the shadow of his father perhaps, In the red friendly state of Massachusetts.  funny thing ……his campaign manager says he won’t even try to win the state versus President Obama.  ( Can we say sour taste ) .  The real catch is.   It seems his entire campaign platform is just a pile of the same vomit he sold the residents of Massachusetts.  He is just regurgitating it for The whole country.  Here is some proof( as President Obama Campaign puts it best in this nice concise video)

If he couldn’t do it in Massachusetts, after a recession how could he possibly do it for the entire US ?  Why would he even pretend he could.   I’ll tell you why, because Mitt has made a decision. Lie Lie Lie, lie like a dog, lie like a rug, lie through his teeth,  lie about lies with more lies and when in doubt…… Well you get the picture. I’m really not sure where he gets the nerve, or  what his motives are, maybe it’s because Daddy was rich and powerful, maybe it’s because he has the immature confidence of a highschool bully or maybe it’s because he was able to buy the nomination right out from under the noses of the other GOP hopefuls. Either way He will without a doubt do nationally exactly what he did in Massachusetts , raise fees that affect the poorest people, eliminate restrictions on the richest people,  destroy job growth and most importantly…..Eat the poor !

May 23, 2012

Systematic Opression- Racism Runs Rampant in yet another red state

 It used to be a strictly covert operation. The republicans used to at least have the courtesy of acting like it wasn’t going on.  Oh how things have changed. After spewing racist rants from his personal twitter page, with the intent of demoralizing the very students he was hired to help.  Mark A Traina, A Louisiana school psychiatrist and self proclaimed civil rights activist has been moved to step down.

As part of the Republican attempt to further empower the rich and impoverish the poor, they have caught onto the idea that rather than fighting formidable foes they are much better served to make their foe,well, not so formidable.  Step one  privatize education for the wealthy, step to prevent education of the poor.

Thanks to a civil rights complaint lodged against the school district by the Southern Poverty Law Center Mr. traina  will no longer have the power to effect the lives of students that he referred to as to As” A  black army of American terrorists ”  whom should be ” Put down like the dogs they are. ”

In a typical showing of the red states systematic racism this pronounced  ” Wallace Man at Heart ”  ( referring to renowned Segregationist George Wallace )  was responsible for maintaining a Jefferson Parish school board status quo by disproportionately  assigning minority and disabled students to an ” alternative Education program” alleged to leave  students in an educational  limbo.

No way you say ?  Well numbers don’t lie.  According to statistics provided by the poverty Law center disabled students account for 52% of referrals to alternative schools while only representing a measly 11% of  the student population, couple that with the 78% of African-American students being carted of to the, future killing academy,despite their 46 percent foothold on enrollment.  I would say, systematic oppression it is.  Can anybody say outrage !

I wonder if anybody took the time to inform  twisted Traina  That his segregationist idol renounced his convictions  later in life.  Saying that he did not wish to meet his Maker with unforgiving sin.   I wonder if maybe the good lord will hurry Traina’s day of reckoning along so that his bigotrious voice may no longer be heard.  One can only pray.

May 10, 2012

Let Them Be Gay

Hope and Change.Finally ! At least that is how 9 million L.G.B.T. members of the US constituency feel. Our super star Prez Mr. Barack Obama has finally come out of the closet in support of one of the most basic of civil rights, marriage.

If you ask me It was about damn time, he’s been “evolving” on the issue long enough for several states to ban it . I have been patiently waiting for our fair President to do something that signifies and separates him definitively from previous helmsmen. Something that allows him to demonstrate that he is going to be transparent and real and not always play politics. Finally he does and oh was it bitter-sweet.

For those that are aware there was an interesting vote that just passed in the lovely state of North Carolina. They voted to establish that marriage could only be an act between a man and a women. Claiming that they needed to protect the sanctity of marriage. The sanctity of marriage ? Really ? In North Carolina ? Aren’t you allowed to marry your own cousin in North Carolina ? Wait doesn’t North Carolina have one of the highest levels of divorce in the country ? Seriously the sanctity of marriage ? Bullshit , that’s like Hu Jintao promoting free speech in china. Or Mayor Bloomberg promoting the rights of Occupy wall street. It’s just not happening.

On the opposite end of the spectrum GOP hopeful Willard Mitt Romney has come out in support of what is called the “Defense of Marriage Act “. It’s interesting how they act as if same-sex marriages prevent anybody else from getting married. As if straight members of society are going to say ” Nah I don’t care how i yearn for members of the opposite sex, I’m going to marry somebody from my own gender because I can ” Seems a bit foolish to me, but that’s just me and I’m just a mortal, what do I know ?

Each man women and child is entitled to their own opinion, so I respect the fact that Etcha sketchin, flip floppin car company crushing Mitt has actually taken a definitive stance on this one. He believes marriage is between a man and a women. Period. Lets just forget the fact that up until about 40 years ago his religious compass would have told him marriage was between a man and a women…and a women…and a women…and maybe a child ! nonetheless he has a solid view-point now right ? It’s not as if he had a different view-point on such a staple of republican politics since his political career has begun right ?

oh wait :

Romney’s Desperate Pander

And so America this November when we are asked whether we believe Mitt Romney will hold stead fast to his morals as he is tempted by the overflowing amount of bribery based incentives that will most definitely be thrust into his face. Remember his track record. Remember that while the republican party complains about President Obama’s evolution they willingly ignored Mitt Romneys De-evolution.

May 5, 2012

Obama Cares ? Or Obamacare ?

As we roll into what may be the most important supreme court vote of our time. I wonder how many people in this country are actually paying attention. There is a debate going on right now that is, without a doubt, life altering for the way the majority of US citizens live their lives.  Of course one would have to believe that in the “era of information” everybody has taken the time to read something about it, albeit a book , a magazine,  a blog feed, a newspaper article, a paragraph, a twitter post or a Facebook posting. I mean we spend 700 billion minutes monthly on Facebook in this country I’m sure we are wildly aware of all significant legislature, right ?  Alas….. I would be amiss . Regardless of the fact that this is, for many Americans, a life or death issue.  After all no healthcare means no life you know. Lets chat this up a bit. The big debate here is the individual mandate right. What is a mandate you ask,  a mandate, by definition, is

        An official order or commission to do something

The debate is whether or not it is ” constitutional ” for the government to force you to pay for coverage. You see, here in the mighty mother Fukin US of A we don’t pay for anything we don’t want to pay for right , even if it’s good for us, especially if its good for us.  If you try to make us do anything its the end of the world as we know it, and the sky is falling and we are all going to sail off the end of the world.

Except for one thing , People, we all already have a healthcare mandate. In this country if you get sick and go to the hospital it is illegal for the hospital to turn you away right. Regardless of whether or not you have coverage, or if your wound is self inflicted, or if it’s just a matter of bad personal care. when people get sick  they get assistance, period, no matter what.                                          

” How” ? Well allow me to educate yuh.   The costs for people who get free coverage  is figured into the costs of those that pay. It has been that way forever in fact we had another form of a mandate over 200 years ago, listen up :

July of 1798, Congress passed “An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seaman”  ( hehehe  I said seamen) –which was signed by President Adams — authorizing the creation of a government operated system of marine hospitals and mandating that laboring merchant marine sailors pay a tax to support it. The post-revolutionary generation clearly thought that the national government had a role in subsidizing “government run health care”. Now, I realize the comparison between this 1798 measure and the individual mandate is imperfect. The 1798 act was a tax — mandatory for all merchant marine sailors to pay if they wanted to work — that was used to support the marine hospital system they used if they got sick or injured. But this was in many ways similar to the system underlying the idea of Medicare-for-all. They paid taxes in exchange for government run health care.  It had the support of the Tea Party demi-God himself, Thomas Jefferson.
Yet the republicans fight.  They cry… ” this is not what our four fathers intended, this is socialism, wah wah wah “. (or is it ? )

  Really this whole debate is about President Obama trying to mandate equal responsibility for all isn’t it.  He says “look, we all use it, one group of people shouldn’t have to pay for everybody else, so we all have to be responsible for ourselves.

Wait…. Doesn’t that sound a bit….dare I say it, Republican !

What we have to ask ourselves  is not whether or not this is what our fore fathers intended but whether or not this is what America is.  Is Obama care a way to move our country away from democracy and freedom and closer to socialism or closer to democracy and freedom and away from Socialism.  Does healthier citizens mean a greater nation or does helping our citizens make us weaker. Ask yourself  is this just plain old Obamacare  or is this really Obama Cares !  

May 2, 2012

40 Acres

May 2, 2012

Fuking Wastes of Space

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

~ Edmund Burke ~

I started writing my blog out of frustration.  I follow politics pretty closely.  I read just about everything I can get my hands on.  Anybody who has been to my home will attest that I have some form of politics, be it television or radio, running in my house pretty much all day long .  I’m so Fuking addicted that I tend to listen to politics even while I read or write about politics.(watching fox news right now)

When my addiction first began the  information pouring into my life was a bit overwhelming.  I was so energized,  I started talking to everybody about it. I mean  EV-VER-RY-BO-DY.  It started with talking to my friends and family, and gradually grew into talking to the guy that was sitting next to me at a bar, or on a bus, or a train, or in a book store, or  on facebook or twitter or anywhere I could strike up an exchange of  information.  As you could probably guess the responses varied.  As my family realized how often I was talking about it they grew… ummm…tired, I guess.  I started getting the ” Oh no not again “,  face.  When it came to strangers I got some varied responses.   Some people will talk for a minute but it seems politics in general is a very touchy subject.  Which I can understand.  Your personal views, are just that, personal .

From those who were willing to “exchange” I realized a few things. Some people form opinions very quickly and with almost no info while  others form opinions with only bits and pieces of information.   I can understand this mindset because humans by nature are followers.  I am waaaaay more uneasy by how many people have no opinion at all.   They just don’t seam to care.  At first I thought it  was an issue of time .  As I started asking more questions I realized people just don’t know any better.  Either they don’t make time to follow politics or they don’t realize what effects them and to what extent.

Seriously people ?  What the hell is going on in this world.  There are decisions being made every damn day that will affect you for the rest of your lives.   I spoke to somebody today who said ” Who cares if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they can’t hit us” .   Hey Moron, yes they can hit us.  Its an ICBM , intercontinental ballistic missile.  Intercontinental, as in other continents, as in ANY continent.   How the fuk do you not care.  How the Fuk do you not, at the very least, get some facts before you decide you don’t care.

Fuking wastes of space.  That is what the  people  in this country are becoming.  Mindless drones walking through life with heads down just trying to get to the next day.    People have become complacent, Apathetic, listless , indifferent, unconcerned and most of all, lazy.    I was going to fill the rest of this article with lots of information about what people are doing in the course of the day.  You know Real compelling shit  like ” the collective time Americans spend on Facebook amounts to more than 100,000 years each month . ” or ” over 18million people watch American idol Twice a week. (both true via   Truth is, I don’t have to.  You people know what the hell you are doing  instead of educating yourselves on what is going on  in this world.

I hate to say it but it seems the poorest people in this country are the least involved. They are forced to spend there time working.  So when they do get home they just want to watch a little TV and maybe drink a little “henney” or smoke some “chronic”.   Hey listen up, that is why you are so damn poor.  Knowledge is money is power.  Period !

We all have to do something, doesn’t matter what it is.  Read something, write something, do something.  It is ridiculous how many of us work so hard to raise our families and don’t know what percentage we pay in taxes.  Or why we pay so much for food or medicine or even gas.   We The People have the power to make a change, or we can sit idly by and let the world change us and choose our children’s  futures.

Me I want to take the world by its throat and choke the future I want out of it.  I will be blogging and talking to everybody I can.  So if some guy sits next to you somewhere some day and just won’t shut up about how too many people watch the voice instead of having a voice.   Just remember  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   

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